Our services

C2B Payments is an all in one financial solution with the goal to ease the every day hassle of managing finances. With us you can open a dedicated IBAN account and make transfers under your company name, with more than 20 major international currencies to choose from. Paired with SWIFT and SEPA your financial possibilities have no bounds.

Money transfers

C2B Payments offers a number of money transfer solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re sending money within the UK, Europe or internationally, our platform makes global payments easy. Create a dedicated IBAN account and make SWIFT and SEPA transfers instantly. With these accounts, funds can be sent and accessed almost immediately and for a lower fee.

Full exchange services

Exchange the most popular currencies with our advanced trading tools. Our platform allows you to hold more than 20 currencies at once, and convert between them in seconds. Send money around the world, and avoid high exchange rates – with C2B Payments, you are always guaranteed low fees.

Dedicated bank accounts

Manage your finances in a way that works for you with our dedicated business bank accounts. They are user-friendly and allow you to quickly convert currencies, transfer funds and be in control of your money. Open your business account completely free and grow your business with payment solutions built for global scale.


C2B Payments e-wallet allows you to instantly send and receive money worldwide in more than 20 currencies. Our digital wallet is quick to set up, easy to use and completely free. You can send and receive money to anyone, at any time. Managing all of your multi-currency accounts from a single e-wallet has never been more quick and secure.